Participants to share their experience of 2022 flood, especially in regards to:

  • Using Emergency Management Documents such as DSEP and Flood Management Plan
  • Evacuation and Public Safety:
    • Who did make the decision to evacuate?
    • How did the process take place?
    • What were the challenges?
  • Flood Recovery
  • Resourcing and fatigue management during the flood event
    • How did you manage the fatigue during the flood event?
    • Were there adequate resources to manage the dams and other core business activities during the flood events?
  • Water Quality
    • Share your experience regarding the effect of flood to the water quality.
    • How much did the water quality issue distract you from focusing on dam safety matters?


Participants to share their experience in using new and innovative technology at the dams:

  • Dam safety surveillance and monitoring- instrumentation- software, devices, etc.
  • Camera technology for asset monitoring and public safety

Asset Management and Maintenance

Participants to share their experience in using innovative methods to schedule and implement dam safety maintenance regime:

  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Mechanical/ Electrical