Mitchell is a Dam Safety and Flood Engineer at Southern Rural Water with more than eight years’ experience.
Mitch provides asset, project and risk management services to ensure that SRW’s dams, weirs and associated assets are managed in a safe, sustainable and compliant manner. He also responsible for SRW’s flood and dam safety emergency preparedness and is experienced in dam flood operations.

Presentation Title: Cowwarr Weir Flooding – June 2021

Abstract: In June 2021 Cowwarr Weir, a Southern Rural Water gated diversion weir was struck by major flooding. The flood was successfully passed, however not without a trail of destruction, requiring a significant amount of clean-up and repair immediately after the flood peak had passed, and in the months’ following. The presentation provides an insight into the timeline of events that transpired, from flood operations through to post-flood recovery, providing a collaborative summary of learnings from the dam operators and engineers involved.