Matt has been involved in the ground engineering industry for Acciona Geotech for over 20 years, with a focus on ground anchors and anchored structures in the road, rail, renewable energy and water infrastructure industries. At the completion of his PhD that investigated the feasibility and use of carbon fibre strand in high capacity anchor systems, Matt successfully installed and stressed the world’s first high capacity carbon fibre ground anchor into a dam structure. Since then, Matt has worked nationally with a range of anchoring systems on a variety of dam structures, including at Candowie Reservoir, Yarrawonga Weir, Lake Buffalo Dam, Lake Willam Hovell, Dartmouth Dam, Laanecoorie Reservoir, Cairn Curran Reservoir, Goulburn Weir, Yass Dam, Suma Park Dam, Warragamba Dam, Mollee Weir, Rookwood Weir, Tallebudegra Creek Dam and Lake Lenthall Dam (just to name a few).
Matt’s extensive exposure to a wide variety of anchoring projects has opened his eyes up to the good, bad and ugly in the world of ground anchors. It is with this experience that in Matt’s current role as Acciona Geotech’s Regional Manager (NSW & QLD), he has been able to provide strong governance, leadership and expertise to Geotech, Acciona and the industry.
Matt’s talk today draws on his exposure and experience on ground anchors and the importance of a structured and routine maintenance & monitoring program and how when done correctly has long term benefits and savings to the asset owners.

Presentation Title: Anchor Testing and Maintenance

Abstract: As our Australian structures age, the end of the anchor design service life slowly becomes closers to reality. Understanding the current condition and performance of these assets is an important factor as an asset owner. This presentation continues the open conversation started from a number of recent national and international publications on the Maintenance and Testing of Post Tensioned Anchors and aims to talk on the topics of:

  • Expanding the dam communities knowledge on the processes of anchor maintenance and testing
  • Using routine anchor maintenance and testing as a risk mitigation strategy
  • As asset owners, what can you learn from undertaking routine maintenance and testing of anchors; the importance of understanding what is being reported (not just following a process); and how the findings impact on your asset (having a good knowledge of the structure)
  • What the contract responsibilities mean and how that may look for all parties.